Who we are and what we do

Our Vision

Unbinding every part Of the Creative Mind, exposing Our Ingenuity.

Mission Statement

Enabling a platform to connect, share and gain Knowledge in Creative experiences.

What We Do

We exist to give Global visibility to the works of the creative mind (which to us is ART) through a modern and functional web presence, so they are heard of and known in the ever evolving digital market place. This enables the concerned party, small and large businesses to establish online visibility, increase sales and improve productivity. We provide e-commerce consultancy, development and market services.


We pride ourselves on enabling a sustainable art culture of good service and taste, our role is to make a convenient connection between Artists and Art enthusiasts (Preferred target consumer). Target consumers can experience an artistic satisfaction and suppliers can have fair trades with their demands. Nirojna is seeking to have a more variety of genres and media of artworks that are supported by Artists and target consumers.

Our Motivation, Our Drive

Industries run on structures. The art hub is a community for art enthusiast, whereby they can come together from all various art media, share ideas/work in creative experiences. Focusing on the creative industry mentors; gaining invaluable experiences on real-life projects supported by the industry and interdisciplinary professionals. Making researches and creating knowledge sharing networks. By so doing, the art culture is sustainable, enriched and more viable.

Our Strength

Our strengths are professional and critical views on Arts. It seems merely a company that promotes and sells artworks; however, we are preparing different styles of Art for different target market.

Our Products


The Team

Olajide Ogunrinola

Web Developer

A digital creative studio, that blends creative energy with technical expertise to produce digital solutions that deliver results. We understand that when it comes to digital, great ideas only thrive with the help of inspired design, skilled development and effective implementation. We also understand that our clients need more than promises; they need a partner they can trust.

Tobi Faranpojo

Chief Executive Officer

Things have a life of their own. It's simply a matter of waking up their souls.

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